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Patriot Alarms is a family owned and operated business. We have been incorporated and began serving the Chicagoland area in 2002, eventually expanding operations to the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas metroplex.


Patriot has been the company of choice on many large commercial and industrial projects with national alarm companies like Checkpoint, Tyco/ADT, Honeywell, Vector, Alarm Services Network, and others.

Patriot Alarms also monitors many of our alarm accounts.


Our contracted central station has protected millions of dollars in assets for our customers for many years. Our central station will get your alarm within a few seconds and be on the phone with you and/or your local police or fire department in mere seconds.



We reach for excellence in our installations every time. By installing the system the right way from the start, we can prevent false alarms, which in turn saves our customers money and provides peace of mind.

We are known for our strict quality control and dedication to our customers, which are just a few of the reasons why we stand above the rest. We have worked hard establishing ourselves in the DFW Metroplex, and are familiar with the particular requirements of each municipality we service.


This acquired knowledge is a necessary ingredient for fast, error-free system installation and certification: no surprises during city inspections!


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